Monday, November 14, 2011

Where Do You Find Your Inspiration For A Great Customer Experience?

I was talking with someone the other day and was asked what companies inspired me in their ability to provide an awe-inspiring customer experience. The person asked me "Is it Apple? Virgin Airlines? Companies like those?"

I let him know that I find my examples of a great customer experience in the most unlikely places.

Case in point.....

I know it's a delicate subject, but I recently had to visit a local endoscopy center for a colonoscopy and as I sat awaiting my turn, I noticed how the nurses interacted with the patients. Knowing that the experience they were about to go through was not the most pleasant, the nurses went out of their way to help patients feel at ease as they were called into the procedure room. But most important and impressive was what happened when patients had finished their examine.

The nurses assigned to each patient went out of their way to make sure each patient was personally escorted to their car. They would come out of the procedure room into the waiting area and let the person know accompanying the patient that they were finished and they could bring the car around to the entrance. The nurse then went back, brought the patient out, and walked all the way to the car with them, insuring that the last few minutes of their visit were marked with a care and empathy you don't often see from the healthcare profession.

I thought to myself that nowhere in the standard job definition of a nurse was it documented that the patient care didn't end until they were physically out of the building and that escorting them to their car was a "job requirement". Yet this facility knew that how they treated their patients after the procedure was as important as their care and comfort before and during.

A great customer experience doesn't end when the sale is complete, or the customer hangs up the phone. Going the extra mile after the transaction is over is what truly defines "world-class" in my book, and it's people and companies like this that really inspire me!

I'd love to hear others thoughts. Where do you find the inspiration to motivate your teams to provide that "awe-inspiring" customer experience?


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